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I didn't post this correctly the first time. There is definitely a bed bug problem throughout this COMPLEX.

Picture is of mattresses in dumpster w/ bed bugs crawling all over along w/ *** aka *** from who knows where or what. Mattresses are being left out w/ NO PLASTIC TO PROTECT THE PUBLIC! IF YOU ARE WAKING UP W/ bites, especially in threes, you have bed bugs! They can fit through any space a piece of paper can fit in, including ELECTRICAL SOCKETS and BASEBOARDS where flooring meets walls.

This is NOT a problem only "dirty" people have due to the fact they can travel into YOUR apartment from other apartments. Contact KVOA news to investigate.

Email: investigators@kvoa.com. Also call the HEALTH DEPARTMENT- 520 724 9999.

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That's because Austin is a shithole!

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