These apartments are gross... I lived here for 6 months before I could no longer take all there bulls***.

During our unfortunate stay here we put up with the a/c pretty much never working properly. It was usually hotter in the apartment then outside. The coldest it ever got inside the apartment was 85 degrees and that was usually at night. We also had found roaches.....

We are very clean people. Our downstairs neighbor had 4-9 cats ( one was allways having kittens). There apartment smelled so gross we could smell the urine and fecies from our balcony. Not too mention the extremely rude staff (constantly lieing blaming broken run down stuff on us).

We were promised the first months rent free which never happened. Lots of thieves love there. My bike was locked to the rail on our balcony where they cut the lock and stole it. Found it a few days later on another balcony.....

Constantly had police coming in and out of the complex.

We even had random people knocking on our door at at hours of the night asking if I had a cigarette..... This place is ***.

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